Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mars Pix

Opportunity is out of Victoria Crater:

They were worried it was going lame (one wheel motor is getting flaky) so they wanted to get back to level ground first.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I guess Iran is more serious than I thought's+mission+to+send+astronaut+into+orbit+sparks+fears+it+wants+to+put+weapons+in+space/

about getting into the space race.

The more the merrier. Space Race. Space Race!

Whole lotta diggin' goin' on!

I think JPL should double check the person who named a trench:
"Burn Alive 3"

for banned substances...

Vision for Spaceflight

FAA that is. This is progress!

*** UPDATE *** The key point of this article is that NASA is turning over low Earth orbit to commerical firms and concentrating on exploration. I predict a new era of great achievements by NASA if it gets enough money. The space race with the rest of the world, should force the Congress and whoever the next President is, to provide that money.